Our Story

Telmi Values


Telmi’s single task interface keeps you focused on what needs to be completed right now and avoids the distraction of a long to-do list.


Multiple sources of tasks and information lead to stress and clutter in our lives. Telmi provides you with a single, centralized solution for all these needs.


Telmi provides a Whole Life Management approach that helps users to seamlessly blend home and work tasks.

Our Story

Alex Calder, Founder Alex Calder grew up in St. Louis and left in 1990 to pursue dreams of being in television in Los Angeles. Alex worked as a helicopter reporter from 1995 until September 2014, when he decided to return to St. Louis and become an entrepreneur.

Alex chose St. Louis not only because it is his hometown, but also because of the Gateway City’s growing entrepreneur ecosystem and low cost of living “It’s actually possible to bootstrap a small business here [in St. Louis], but not in L.A.,” says Alex.

Telmi’s Vision

We help people engage and organize the task-oriented aspects of their lives by taking massive amounts of information – appointments, ideas, problems, obligations, need-to-knows – and smartly organizing it so people can be productive in the right way at the right time.

We at Telmi believe that task and time management should be Simple, Integrated, and Complete.


More About Telmi

Learn about all the features that are currently included in the Telmi Beta and those that we will be adding in the future!

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