Beta Features

  • Single Task Interface

    Don’t be overwhelmed by long to-do lists. Telmi gives you one task at a time.

  • Categories

    Organize your tasks into categories such as Home, Work, and School. 

  • Status

    Keep track of where you left off on any task by updating the status.

  • Task Creation

    Create, edit, order, and reorder all of the tasks that you need Telmi to help you keep track of.

  • Add Notes

    Everything is in one place with the ability to add important notes to any Telmi task.

  • Set Reoccurring Tasks

    Keep track of things you do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by creating reoccurring tasks. 



Why Telmi?

Let’s get right to the point: managing life is hard work. At work we have meetings, appointments, events, projects, tasks, due dates, reminders, alerts…the list goes on.

Our responsibilities don’t end when we go home, either. Even if we manage to leave our work at the office, we still have plenty of personal and family business to attend to: meetings, appointments, events, projects, tasks, due dates, reminders, and alerts…sound familiar?

The Telmi Beta edition will include the above features to allow you to control and organize your tasks. Telmi’s one-task interface makes managing your life simple. Don’t think about what you need to do next. Once your task lists are created an prioritized, Telmi will figure that out for you.  Telmi is designed to be a true whole life management solution, seamlessly blending work and home tasks so you can be more productive all around.

Future versions of Telmi will include advanced features such as Google and Facebook integration, create tasks from emails, cloud file storage, and more to help you manage all aspects of your busy life.

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